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Our Happy Clients!...

Fit For The First Time!

watertown turkey trot
"Last winter, I was feeling flabby, tired, unhealthy, and completely unmotivated to exercise. A friend of mine told me about Boh's TBC class, and said she saw results after a very short period of time. I was skeptical at first, but I knew I needed to get moving, so I decided to give it a try.

In the beginning, the changes were subtle. I had more energy in the afternoons. I was sleeping more soundly at night. I felt less achey, and more limber. But after a few months, I actually started to feel physically fit for the first time in years. I was unquestionably stronger, my posture was straighter, I was eating better. People started telling me that I looked great, which of course felt so good.

I realized early on that if these two short classes a week could have such a dramatic difference in how I looked and felt, there was absolutely no excuse not to go. And so I do, every week. It makes a huge difference."

Alli ~ Watertown, MA

Loving The Variety!

dumbbell set "Boh's TBC class has been a wonderful experience for me. I have always been a person who exercises, but I have really benefitted from Boh's instruction. In just a few weeks I am stronger and my posture is MUCH better.

I am also a person who avoids pushups, however, because of this class I am now able to crank them out on my own. Ok, maybe not crank, but I can do many more than I ever could.

I also love that each session is different with different exercises and circuits. The variety keeps things interesting and challenging. It's a great way to end the day!"

Lisa O. ~ Watertown, MA

The Boost That I Needed!

personal training client
"I recently started school full-time, along with working a full-time job, and needed something to keep me energized during my long, busy days. I knew that, with my previous state of inactivity, I would be feeling the effects of my schedule if I didn't get myself into some sort of exercise regimen. So I decided to sign up for 3 personal training sessions to get the boost that I needed.

After completing session 1, I was feeling pretty sore but still felt I had a great workout. By session 2, I was feeling great and was looking forward to the next workout. After the 3rd session, I no longer feel that awful (beginner's) pain like I did with the first workout. These sessions have given me the boost that I needed! I feel more energized throughout the day and I also sleep better at night.

Dave has been great to work with. He's patient and extremely knowledgeable. He listens to what you say! I happened to mention that my wrist was hurting me, the next thing you know we'd be doing a stretch to make my wrists more comfortable. He even adjusted his schedule to be available when I wanted to work out.

I recommend having a consultation with Dave to see what he can do for you! I look forward to working with him in the future and already feel the difference from the few sessions that we had together!"

Courtney Garron ~ Marlborough, MA

An Email Thank You!

watertown personal trainer thank you

Are You Tired of Constantly Battling...

lose 10 pounds

  • Fad diets that just don't work
  • A flabby, squishy stomach
  • Long, boring workouts
  • Intimidating health clubs
  • Not knowing the right exercises
  • Not having enough time
  • Fear of getting hurt

Meet David Bohmiller, BS, NSCA-CSCS

watertown personal trainer

Dear friend,

Hi I'm Dave Bohmiller... Boston Personal Trainer, Certified Strength Coach, weight loss specialist, and obstacle course racing enthusiast.

I'm excited to share my passion for fitness and my assurance that you will reach your fitness, weight loss, and adventure racing goals by not only trying, but by committing to our One-On-One Personal Training program or our Online Personal Training programs.

Before you read anymore, I should tell you we aren't your typical fitness program...

spartan race amesbury 2014 dunk wall

I'm not here to yell at you, degrade you, or make you do a million pushups.

I'm here to challenge you, find the appropriate exercises for you, encourage you, make sure you have fun, see results, and challenge yourself in ways you hadn't imagined.

I'm so confident that we can help you, that I guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Try us for 30 days. If you aren't 100% satisfied, we'll give you your money back - no questions asked.

How can I make such a bold statement?

It's simple...

I pride myself on combining my education and experience with real world implementation to bring you workouts that I know achieve results.

I'm looking forward to helping you achieve all of your fitness goals.

But first...

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(617) 600-8308

See What Our Clients Have To Say...

Challenging And Fun!

red sox logo
"Sessions with Boh are challenging and fun and I'm always interested in the next fitness trick he's got up his sleeve.

His creative exercises are so much better than standing in place and curling a bar 10, 20, or 100 times. I really appreciate his attention to detail, correct form and technique, and to helping me attain my individual goals.

Overall, my core strength, my flexibility, and my desire to workout have all improved greatly. Thanks Boh!"

Tiffany Ortiz ~ Weston, MA

For People Of All Levels!

"Hi Boh, thanks so much for the bootcamp on Saturday. It was a lot of fun and a nice change of pace from my normal workouts.

I'm training for a 1/2 marathon right now and also do weights and practice yoga a few times a week.

I felt Saturday was a challenging workout, but it seemed to be do-able for people of all levels, which was great. I was a little sore today, but not too bad - more like a good soreness that comes from a good workout.

A workout like that was something I wouldn't necessarily do on my own. Thanks again!"

Beth B. ~ Watertown, MA

Suited To Your Skill Level!

dumbbell set"It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend David Bohmiller. Dave is a true professional who not only helps you meet your fitness goals, but takes an interest in your overall health and well-being.

Dave keeps himself current on the latest training techniques and creates challenging, but fun workout plans which suit your skill level and focus on your goals.

I've worked out with many trainers and undoubtedly Dave is among the very best. He is a great investment in your health."

Serena Powell ~ Boston, MA

My Skiing Career Is Taking Off!

ski jump
"Before this Winter, I was an unknown skier.

But after reflecting on competitions and a segment in a movie I have been filming, I feel like my skiing career has really taken off.

Thanks Boh!"

Peter Engen ~ Wellesley, MA

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Here's What You Should Expect With "Train With Boh"......

Your Personal Training Sessions and Online Personal Training Services!

All of our workout programs have been designed for exercise enthusiasts of all ages and all skill levels. Whether you're a weekend warrior, a time-strapped professional, returning from an injury, a competitive athlete (we specialize in obstacle course race training), or a stay at home Mom or Dad, each workout will include a mixture of the following:

  • Warm-up
  • Core Strengthening Exercises
  • Injury Prevention Exercise
  • Combined Upper and Lower Body Exercises
  • Balance and Coordination Drills
  • Heart Rate Conditioning
  • Endurance, Strength, and Stamina Development
  • Cool Down
  • Stretching
  • And A Lot of FUN!!!

A Level Just For You...

For The Novice to the Gym-Rat!

In our In-Person, One-On-One Personal Training and in our Online Coaching Group services, we've even taken the time to ensure that each exercise that we show will have several levels or progressions. We'll help you to choose the safest and most effective variation for you.

If you happen to be one of our Private Personal Training clients, your workouts will be completely customized for you and no one else, based off of your one-on-one assessment/evaluation session.

With 14 years of experience training personally, I'm adept at taking someone brand new to exercise, having them perform all of our Level 1 exercises knowing they would have a safe and fun workout.

And, at the same, I'm prepared to take experienced exercise enthusiasts, having them perform more advanced exercises with complete confidence that they will be challenged and have a great time.

Burn More Fat With Built-In Progressions!

If you kept doing the same thing over and over, you'd never see the change you wanted. It is one of the reasons magazine workouts don't work.

Good thing we've thought of that!

With each of our fitness training services, variety really is the spice of life. You'll be challenged by our vast exercise library, and you'll look forward to mastering each movement.

For our Private Fitness Training Members, with our attention to detail in designing and implementing your fitness program each session may become a little bit more difficult each time. However, we've structured our workouts so that over the course of 4-week phases, you'll be able to see improvement in specific capabilities.

That way, we can keep challenging your body to get the "looking in the mirror changes" that you want!!!

Meet A Few Happy Clients...

Fits Every Level And Goal!

dumbbell set"Boh's classes are always fun due to his ever-changing and very creative exercise program. He tailors the exercises to accomodate everyone who attends, no matter what fitness level or goal, so each person gets something out of it.

Since taking his class, I have learned new techniques and different ways to work each muslce group. I include these techniques in my everyday workout routine to change things up and use them to my advantage.

Boh has introduced me to new and different forms of training that have improved my flexibility and overall strength."

Alissa Leone ~ Watertown, MA

The Zenith Of Health!

robert kleinau "My own personal fitness journey has taken many twists and turns. After losing 140 pounds 8 years ago, I thought I reached the zenith of health, and everything else was just upkeep to maintain the body I had worked for.

David Bohmiller changed my thinking. I hired Boh as my personal trainer, for what I thought would be just regular old personal training. In the past, personal training had consisted of a trainer taking me to the dumbbell section of the gym, telling me what to do, and counting my reps. It was more of an accountability thing than a "learn new ways to work your body" thing.

Boh taught me that there is more to working out than just dumbbells and bicep machines. He has demonstrated his knowledge of both the human body as well as how to get the most out of it. As I continue to work with Boh, I can tell that my overall core-strength is increasing, my range of flexibility is becoming broader, and my body is beginning to look leaner and more toned. Boh has changed my thinking about working out and my body is reaping the benefits!"

Robert Kleinau ~ Staten Island, NY

PreNatal Fitness!

lorena moynihan
"In the past four years that I have been working out, I never thought to use a Personal Trainer.

I was basically satisfied with the overall fitness level that I had achieved through regular cardio and strength training routines I learned at my club mainly through classes. However, several factors namely, a soon approaching 40th birthday and third pregnancy, changed my thinking.

I had taken strength training classes with Boh and watched him working with other clients. I thought his methods and exercises looked interesting and unique. I also learned that Boh is certified in several disciplines of prenatal fitness.

I was 6 months pregnant when I began training with Boh. By this time in my pregnancy, I realized I had to change my routine since certain forms of exercise where no longer comfortable (spinning class) and/or not recommended by my doctor. Boh developed a routine for me that was safe yet challenging. Emphasis was placed on stretching, improved flexibility, core strength, and total body conditioning. At all times, my heart rate was monitored to ensure I didn't go beyond 140 bpm as recommended by my doctor.

At the time of this writing, I am three weeks away from my due date. I continue to work out three times a week with Boh's routine and feel great!"

Lorena Moynihan ~ Watertown, MA

Positive And Supportive!

dumbbell set "I ran a marathon a year ago, and had a hard time getting back into a workout routine, so I signed up for Boh's boot camp.

After a short time, I have already noticed a difference! I have never really had tone and definition before, and now I'm beginning to see it!

Each day brings a new set of activities that work the whole body in a balanced way. Most of the exercises are new to me and many of them involve different props, which keeps theworkout interesting!

Boh makes the workouts challenging, but he is very positive, supportive and easy to work with. I truly look forward to our 7am meetings, and I thought I would be dragging myself out of bed!

I highly recommend this boot camp program! I know I'll continue working with Boh even when this boot camp is over."

Heidi C. ~ Cambridge, MA

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With Watertown Personal Trainers You Will...

  • Build lean muscle
  • Make your gym time more fun
  • Enjoy working out
  • Get measurable results fast
  • Learn secrets to staying in shape for good
  • Have lots more energy
  • Clean up those trouble spots
  • Boost your metabolism and burn more fat
  • Feel great
  • Look more attractive
  • Feel more confident
  • Look hotter in your clothes
  • And Much, Much More!

Your Questions And Concerns Answered...

What Is Train With Boh?

Created by David Bohmiller, we are the leaders in Boston fitness, weight loss, and athletic performance development. We pride ourselves on helping men and women prevent injury, lose fat, gain strength, have fun, and become more confident through exercise.

What If I'm Just Beginning?

Each of our clients, whether enrolling in our In-Person Personal Training or our Online Coaching Group services, begins with safety and smart progression in mind as part of their membership. This helps us to introduce you to the appropriate stretches, exercises, and intensities for you. In-Person Personal Training clients will recieve a private re-evaluation every month so that we can track your progress and make any necessary adjustments to keep you on the path to success. Our Online Coaching Group members will have benchmark workouts that will be repeated on a set schedule so that you'll be able to track your improvements. On top of that, our programs are multi-level so whether you're just getting started or if you've been working out for years, we're confident that we can show you the appropriate modifications to make each exercise right for you. No matter what level you're at, we're sure you'll have fun and get a great workout with us.

What If My Schedule Is Really Crazy And I Can't Make It?

Time constraints impact all of us. But, they don't have to destroy your workouts or your results. With a choice of in-home, outdoor, and some in-studio workout options for our Personal Training clients, there's always the opportunity to workout. We have fun, we work hard, and we see results.

And, if you're part of our Online Coaching Group services, you'll have access to your weekly workouts in advance, so that you can plan when and where you'll complete them, whether at the gym, outdoors, or in the privacy of your home.

How Is This Program Different From The Gym?

Gyms and health clubs can be intimidating and frustrating - you're often left to your own devices and there are way too many machines that you might not know if you're using the right way. With us you always have the attention of an instructor during your private sessions. We will make sure you're performing your exercise properly and helping to challenge you when you're ready for the next level.

Our Online Personal Training group members have the benefit of being able to perform their workouts at their convenience, while still enjoying the accountability and social aspect within our closed, Facebook community. That's right. It is exclusive and private so that you're able to work with and support like-minded individuals with similar goals, while getting that same support and encouragment right back!

Where Are The Workouts Held?

Our In-Person Personal Training clients have the option of having their workouts take place in their homes, outdoors at destinations like the local track, stadiums, or State parks for trail running and hiking. We also meet with some of our 1:1 Personal Training clients at Underground Studios in Watertown, MA (schedules permitting). Here, our clients are able to enjoy the advantages of a private studio space for the individual training sessions.

What Can I Expect During A Workout?

Each workout consists of a warm-up, flexibility and mobility exercises, core training, some heart rate conditioning, and total body resistance exercises. There's built-in variety so that your muscles never get bored and that you're always working toward your goals. Most of all you should expect to have FUN!

Who Else Participates?

For our Private Personal Training clients, it is just that - private. You'll have our undivided attention, helping you to get the most out of your workout.

Our online coaching members can elect to perform their workouts alone, or can plan to meet up with other members who might live or work locally, to perform their workouts together. There will also be daily inspiration, tips, reminders, and encouragement from everyone within our community Facebook group to help keep you on the right path!

How Often Will The Workouts Be?

Our Personal Training clients meet with us any number of times per week. Some choose to meet with us 1x each week, while taking advantage of our Online Coaching Group services on other days. And, others choose to meet with us 3-6x per week. Whatever might fit your schedule, we'll make sure to make everything efficient and effective.

Our Online Coaching Group program is designed to deliver daily instruction, including working days as well as resting and active recovery days. Our Online Coaching Group systems will detail your restistance training program as well as your cardiovascular programming.

Can I Pay Per Workout?

We currently offer a variety of memberships in package form for our In-Person Personal Training. You'll find options ranging from a single session up to packages of 20 sessions.

Our Online Coaching Group systems are designed for you to be able to jump right in and follow along. Online Coaching Group memberships are available for $99/month with our automated monthly billing and may be cancelled at any time with 5 days written notice. Members may also elect for quarterly, automated billing at $247 per 3-month period (a savings of $50 per quarter).

Note: For Online Coaching Group members, you may begin/join at any time. Once you have access to our private Facebook group, you'll be able to view and utilize all of our uploaded workouts!

Will I Be Sore After Exercising?

Whenever you start something new, it takes time for your body to adapt. Most of our clients feel that they are "waking up muscles that haven't been used in awhile". To prevent excessive muscle soreness, we pay extra attention to the flexibility portion of our fitness programming.

Is There A Refund Policy?

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. We're positive that you'll see results similar to those described by current clients. If you are unsatisfied with your workouts, just let us know, and any unused portion of your membership will be refunded.

When Will I See Results?

The first changes you'll feel are in your strength and endurance. It takes a couple weeks of consistency for your body to realize it's changing. "Looking in the mirror" changes may take 4-6 weeks.

What If I Have More Questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Email us via our contact form to submit any questions.

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What More of Your Neighbors Are Saying...

Bring Your Friends!

kirby mansfield "I would recommend your stepping up and signing on for a well-guided fitness challenge with Boh. You'll join a good group of people that are up for a challenge so you might sign on for this on your own or with some friends.

You are going to face a good mix of exercises and activities that may inevitably remind you about a muscle or two that you've been neglecting. You will feel accomplished at the end of the program and will take away some new things to work into your regular fitness routine.

You may also have a few laughs at yourself along the way. BTW, you might want to practice your skipping, up your squat count, and stock up on water in advance. Enjoy this."

Kirby Mansfield ~ Boston, MA


dumbbell set "I've known Boh's work for years, both as a professional colleague and as my personal trainer/Boot Camp instructor.

Boh is dedicated, hard-working, wicked smart and kind, whether he is managing staff and programs or providing personal training. His ethos of working hard and laughing hard runs through both his personal training and his Boot Camp programs.

His workouts are carefully planned yet allow for last-minute changes due to a sore muscle or something similar. I am always surprised at the breadth of alternative cardiovascular, resistance training, and stretching that he offers. He always has something new up his sleeve, and his excitement for his work and his joy at sharing with others stands out.

He is also exceedingly careful to ensure that I perform the moves correctly. It is always an amazing thing to see my body start to tone and slim down and my muscle increase when I train with Boh. I know when I go for a workout that I am going to leave feeling both exhilarated and worked hard.

I trust him completely, and I can back that up with the 10 years in which we've known each other.

Jay ~ Cambridge, MA

You Will Have Fun!

kirby mansfield "Do this and you will know if you are keeping yourself moving enough or not.

I enjoyed the fitness challenge and decided that I am going to be challenging myself a little bit more, more often. This is a good time.

If you are thinking about it, I'd say give it a try. You will have fun. Good luck to you."

Dampes DaSilva ~ Boston, MA

Fun And Results!

dumbbell set "I enjoyed my work outs with Dave. I have an old back injury that often flared up if I exercised too often.

However, with Dave, he was able to give me exercises that challenged me, but not my back. His approach, based on "functional exercises", was exactly what I needed to keep my back in shape.

He listened to my needs and based on his expertise in exercise and personal training, he was able to create a routine that was fun and got results."

Stephanie Chiuve ~ Jamaica Plain, MA

Enjoyable and Rewarding...!

dumbbell set"Back in February I was the lucky recipient of 24 free personal training sessions with Boh!!! This was certainly by far the best prize I have ever won.

Our workouts have been fun and fulfilling, plus I am starting to see and feel results!!!!

Boh always plans something creative and challenging. Throughout every workout he calmly encourages me to do my best. Boh pays close attention to my form and what works best for me. In addition to making the workouts enjoyable and rewarding he also makes them convenient....Boh trains me right at work!!!!

Exercise has always been important to me but after I had my son I lost focus of that. Boh has definitely restored that desire for exercise and increased my energy level. I can't wait for my next workout!!!!"

Meghan Galvin ~ Waltham, MA
Massachusetts Gymnastics Center

Endurance, Energy, and Confidence!

dumbbell set "Last year at this time, I was struggling to walk on a treadmill after having a pregnancy complicated with postpartum high blood pressure. I had little to no energy and wanted to find something that could bring me back to my pre-pregnancy health.

A friend recommended I try Boh's TBC classes. I did and it has been one of the greatest things I have done.

Boh's classes have increased my endurance, energy, and confidence. His classes, although group, still individually focus on one's needs and goals to be achieved.

He dynamically changes the class routine each week so that there are different circuit challenges to face which keeps it interesting.

In just a few weeks time, I saw results. I felt more energetic and noticed physically I was more toned. I have really benefited from Boh's classes in such a great way. So great, in fact, that I just ran my very first 5K. I felt that taking Boh's classes really conditioned my body to help me achieve that goal.

His classes are challenging and fun. It's a great way to start or end your day. This is what motivates to keep going back for more. "

Amy Vitale ~ Watertown, MA

Now Accepting First Time Clients!

I'm happy to have helped so many people on their road to better health and fitness. And, I know that I can do the same for you.

If you've never tried personal training before, or if you have and you'd like to give us a shot, then I'd like to invite you personally to come kick our tires.

Step 1 is to register for your complimentary phone consultation (You may do so here.)

Once you've done so, we'll be in touch to schedule a complimentary consultation. We'll answer all your questions, find out a bit about you, and you'll be able to decide if we are a good fit for your longer-term health and fitness needs.

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Or call us now:
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Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed...


Your connection with "Train With Boh" services is 100% Guaranteed to produce results similar to those experienced by our current members.

If at any time you are unsatisfied with your fitness membership, just let us know, and any unused portion of your membership will be refunded.

With our guarantee, you've got nothing to lose but inches and pounds!

certificate of guarantee

Training For An Obstacle Course Race...

Interested in Obstacle Course Race Training?

spartan race amesbury 2014 tgaf twb

Since 2012, I have competed in obstacle course races of various kinds with over 20+ Spartan Races (2014 US Elite Rankings: 413th Overall, 300th Male, and 63rd Age Group), 2 Tough Mudders, BattleFrog Pittsburgh (Get a BattleFrog Promo Code here!), several MuckFests, Raid Series events, Ragnar Relay Races, mountain races, and many more.

As much as I love obstacle course racing and traveling to all sorts of cities to challenge myself on these courses, my favorite things are the friendships I've made, the people who are as committed as I am that I get to see almost every weekend, and seeing my clients join Team Train With Boh to challenge themselves.

For recent events, we've fielded Train With Boh teams from 2 people all the way up to 21 teammates for Spartan Race Fenway Park 2014!

You don't have to be a runner or a seasoned racer of any sort to join our team. To be honest, I love introducing first timers to the sport and to the camaraderie.

With all that being said, it is still important to prepare the right way. And, with so many races under my belt, I am confident that in preparing with Train With Boh, you'll not only have a blast on race day, but you'll enjoy all of our workouts leading up to that day just as much!

I can't wait to see you conquer obstacles you never imagined you could. And, I can't wait to see you cross the finish line!

Wait! Want Your Meals Delivered To Your Front Door?...

Got Nutrition On The Mind?

Nutrition is one of the most important pieces to the fat loss and body transformation puzzle.

With that in mind, we're happy to announce the option of a home meal delivery program through our partnership with Personal Trainer Food (formerly Meal Movement).

You can learn more about it on our Personal Trainer Food page here on our site.

Yes, Boh! I'm Ready To Get Started!...

Here's What To Do Next...

Congratulations, you are just a step away from joining a great group of successful fitness-conscious men and women.

Give us a call directly today or click on the button below to choose your Membership and Register Online.

register now

Or call us now:
(617) 600-8308

You Are One Step Away From Changing Your Life...

You're Just Moments Away From Seizing Your Future...

Thank you so much for your visit and for believing in us to help you realize a life of health and fitness.

Take a moment to choose your membership (In-Person or Online Coaching Group), then register online through our secure Mindbody system. I'll look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon!

In health,

David Bohmiller, BS, NSCA-CSCS
(617) 600-8308 Office

P.S. - Contact us here with any questions you may have.

P.P.S. Remember, your success is MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!

P.P.P.S. 30 days from now, you can either be a month older and possibly 5-10 pounds heavier, or you can be 5-10 pounds lighter and 30 days closer to reaching your fitness goals. You decide which you would rather be. Call (617) 600-8308 now and get started today!

CLICK HERE to Register Online

Disclaimer: Results are not typical. These results are only typical of our clients who adhered to nutritional guidelines, were consistent in workout attendance, and delivered constant effort and hard work toward attaining their goals.

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